Whether you’re working to bring new products to market for an your company, improve security , or invest in compliance technology for your buy-side firm, clients have come to depend on the knowledge and focus of our Market expertize and Industry consultants team to help them achieve their goals.

We dig deep to assess each client’s business and technology needs, and deliver flexible, diverse services and solutions customized to the organization. We have the experience to meet our financial services clients’ distinct needs, with proven implementations such as:

  • Building a Hadoop cluster for a new recommendation engine application
  • Moving batch reporting or processing to real time
  • Reducing cost and monetizing cold archive storage
  • Deploying resident resources with expertise in new technologies like OpenStack or DevOps tools
  • Implementing new job-scheduling tools to reduce platform costs
  • Launching a new security audit platform with search and indexing technologies including Elasticsearch and Splunk.

Solution for specific markets:

  • CuQI (Customer Qulaity Indicator): a telecom solution (Mobile and Server) to measure Service Quality and its correlation with Network performance and Customer Experience
  • Eat in out: an ERP solution for restaurant (Mobile, Tablet and Web solution), it manage every aspect of its daily operation
  • OnliShop :  users and customer can get there own Mobile APP online store (Android and IOS) as well as dedicated website (The whole framework) within 7 working days